Text Box: The ultimate in CRUNCH!  Absolutely, fresh from the field cucumbers are chilled and then splashed into a super spiced and flavorful brine.  These refrigerated pickles really deliver the crunch.

Refrigerated Pickles

Text Box: Who doesn’t love PICKLES?  We slice’em, dice’em, spear’em, and serve them up whole too!  We make them shelf stable the old fashioned way.


Text Box: Jalapeño peppers, banana peppers, pepperoncini, and cascabella chiles all a great way to add flavor to life.


Text Box: Kruger Foods is the largest manufacturer of  relishes in the West.  Need a special profile to make your salad stand out?  Try one of our great offerings.

Pickle Relish

Text Box: Mayonnaise and Dressings are our newest product offerings.  Our products are a little different.  They are manufactured on a small scale.  We offer our sauces and dressings as a complement to our other products.

Mayonnaise and Dressing

Text Box: A new twist on an old idea.  How would you like to be able to dispense your condiments through a simple self service pump?  It is neat and clean and cost effective.


Foodservice Products

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